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    Earn Yourself a Professional Accreditation - The National Council for the Training of Journalists

    With the advancement of the media industry over the last few decades and the evolution which has happened in various forms, professional training for the journalist has become very important. It is not only to create a pool of journalists but to create a talented pool of professionally qualified journalists. With this in mind, the media industry in the United Kingdom established the National Council for the Training of Journalists way back in 1951.  This organisation was entrusted with the prime responsibility to oversee and supervise all the training requirements and happenings of the journalists. The main objective was to create a talent pool readily available for the ever evolving world of the print and broadcast media.

    The Purpose for NCTJ

    The National Council for the Training of Journalists was set up with the following purposes in mind:

    • The council is a commercial organisation offering courses and accreditations henceforth for aspiring journalists in the United Kingdom and across the world.
    • The courses are all market aligned and cater to all requirements for the world of journalism.
    • To obtain the accreditation, one has to clear of the preliminary exams held by the council.

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