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    Nikon D800 Camera - The Most Awaited DSLR from Nikon

    Nikon cameras have created a niche for themselves. This has not happened in the space of a year, but has taken several years of dedicated customer reviews and research to come up with the D800, the best DSLR camera in its class. For all photography lovers, Nikon has always carved out the niche product to suit the ever rising needs and demands of photographers. It has always given its best to users after years of advanced research and development. The D800 comes with the class and specification of a world class camera.

    The Overview

    The photographers’ world had been waiting for the D800 with immense eagerness for more than a year when finally Nikon released this world class product in February 2012. After many hindrances that Nikon faced in production units in Japan and Thailand, this world class camera is finally available for photography lovers. This camera has been compared in terms of specification and performance with earlier makes of Nikon like the D700, D3, the Nikon D4 and D3S. Also cameras of other makes stood to compare with the Nikon D800.

    The Specifications

    The Nikon D800 has proven its worth waiting for photographers. The

    By Craig Wathall - 27/04/2012 @ 08:30Read More