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What Is Your Area of Interest - Photojournalist or a Photographer

We generally choose our profession on the lines of our education. Rarely are we able to do what we want to do. But there are many people who are lucky enough to get to pursue their passion. Many people love photography but you will find that very few people take it up as a profession. Being a Photojournalist and a Photographer are two different things; two different lines of interest which can be pursued as a career. One has to be very clear about his own aspirations to understand the differences before making a choice.

What is Photojournalism?

Photo journalism is a form of journalism where you tell a story with a series of images. Earlier the concept hovered around still images, but nowadays with the invention of broadcast journalism, videos are also a part of photojournalism. People who undertake photo journalism as a profession are called photojournalists. Being a photojournalist, you will have to first comply with the ethics of journalism where truth plays a major role with no chances of hypocrisy.

News media requires that images of photojournalists should have the following

  • They should have a Timeline;  recent images related to recent spate of events
  • Objectivity should be met. The images which the media will use should depict the events as they occurred in the true spirit and with true colours.
  • The images should be narrating information to the readers like a story to which they can relate.

A photojournalist relates more towards clicking actions and images which help the media world to accomplish their tasks. They form an integral part of the print and the broadcast media. All the images or videos clicked or shot by a photojournalist, should be telling a story, easily. The invention of small and light cameras has further made the jobs of photojournalist easy and manageable.

How Do they Differ from Photographers

Photographers are the traditional school of thought. They click pictures or shoot videos in a standard form and one can easily decipher photography work. Someone has rightly said that photography focuses on nouns. They click nouns and focus on them, like portraits, pictures of human figures, architecture, work of art, nature and beauty.

Photojournalists, unlike the photographers, take pictures in action. They capture the real time images and videos which go into narrating a story to which the audience can relate.

Photographers do not have to comply with the ethics of journalism whereas the journalists have to owing to the requirements of the profession.

The journalists create and narrate the images with the expertise of their visual perception whereby when the audience views their work they can actually feel the real world. The photographers are concerned with the standard form of images.

As a Profession

One can consider becoming a photojournalist or a photographer. Doing a professional course under expert guidance helps, but one has to very imaginative and innovative to choose any one of these fields as a profession. Both these professions can be rewarding and fulfilling.