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Street Photography A Passion worth Living

One’s passion is very close to one’s heart. People these days live their passion and at times it becomes their profession too. Photography is taken up by many individuals as a passion they want to live up to. There are amateurs in this field and novices too who have learnt and mastered their hands and minds towards photography. Street Photography is also termed as a kind of documentary photography. One can take photos in many public places such as alleys, shopping malls, roads, streets, meeting places, beaches etc. Whilst engaging in this activity, one has to be very cautious that it does not offend public interest or invade one’s privacy.

History of Street Photography

Dating back to late 19th century, street photography became very popular across the world owing to inventions of cameras which could be easily handled and carried. These cameras were primarily the 35mm but cameras with rangefinders were also very popular and street photography took a different genre of its kind.

Photographers, who pursue street photography say that this class of photography is very ironic as it shows a mirror to society, something in its virgin form with no edits and focuses. They help the audience get exposed to some aspects of life that they may never have been familiar with, acting as an eye opener in some cases.

Various facts and realities of life are portrayed through street photography to the common man who may not have any exposure to the surreal world. 

The Camera Techniques

Street photographers are fond of analogue cameras rather than digital. They have various opinions to live up to his passion

  • Experts say you need to feel the photograph, which does not happen with a digital one
  • Photographers enjoy the dark room where they develop prints
  • Digital cameras are big in size and come with so much of flash. When you can immediately see what you have clicked, the joy of waiting till the print is developed is no more.
  • There is life in every nook and corner and in every alley there breeds the world of imagination. If you are using a digital camera, you lose all the charm and end up clicking lifeless pictures.

Tips for Street Photography

The following tips are well researched tips towards the class of street photography

  • Please travel with less baggage whilst engaging in street photography
  • Capture the real life bubbling with energy, movements, and colours. Get behind the alleys, get the real scene
  • Wait for that move, for that noise, for that flickering flame off a glaring oven, wait for the chirping street children half-clad with a broad smile on their face
  • Experiment is the key - take various angles
  • The performers, magicians, paraders on the street should be focussed. They make great photography
  • You can get close to the subject at your own risk, resulting in great photographs
  • Sun is fun, the light and shade effect will be awesome
  • Be ready; always be prompt with your camera.

With all of the above and most importantly with your wild imagination, street photography can be a very promising passion to live up to.