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Prince Harry Naked Images

Prince Harry Naked Pictures comment.
Prince Harry and the Naked Pictures ! Only in America

I'm a street photographer, I love candid images but this is really not the same thing. I'd love to get the photographer who took these by the balls. And I will give my reasons for this. This is not art or news or even interesting what it is, is a gross act of invasion of a guys privacy. It is abuse of him as a person not as a Royal. It is an an act of sheer rudeness and lack of decency on all levels and is despicable. In my mind celebrities and interesting people in the street are fair game, celebs can't whinge when being shot by a pap, the hypocrisy of spending years and years shouting "look at me look at me" from every rafter in their early careers then reverting to "don't dare look at me" once they have "made it" does not take any one with an intellect greater than Omar Simpson to work out. Its the impact that this kind of abuse of a person driven by the greed and stupidity of the photographers doing it that worries me for serious street photographers and photojournalists. It is difficult enough to shoot a demonstration without suppression or interference from the police and I am 100% in favor of freedom of speech and the rights of photographers to document events, but again even Omar Simpson can work out the ramifications of such stupidity.

On a street shoot, protest, demonstration, artistic shoot of street life practicing as we do decisive moment skills my advice is this. If a police officer asks you for your details , give them. It is the professional thing to do. Yes your not obliged to, yes you may feel offended so what ! The professional police officer carries ID, his number is there for you to see. By what right do you expect to remain anonymous. Be objective in your shoot don't just shoot the police officer who has bashed the bloke on the head with his truncheon, shoot the police officer struggling to maintain order for the safety of the public too. Be objective honest and decent. That is all that is needed.

Craig Wathall