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Nikon D800 Camera - The Most Awaited DSLR from Nikon

Nikon cameras have created a niche for themselves. This has not happened in the space of a year, but has taken several years of dedicated customer reviews and research to come up with the D800, the best DSLR camera in its class. For all photography lovers, Nikon has always carved out the niche product to suit the ever rising needs and demands of photographers. It has always given its best to users after years of advanced research and development. The D800 comes with the class and specification of a world class camera.

The Overview

The photographers’ world had been waiting for the D800 with immense eagerness for more than a year when finally Nikon released this world class product in February 2012. After many hindrances that Nikon faced in production units in Japan and Thailand, this world class camera is finally available for photography lovers. This camera has been compared in terms of specification and performance with earlier makes of Nikon like the D700, D3, the Nikon D4 and D3S. Also cameras of other makes stood to compare with the Nikon D800.

The Specifications

The Nikon D800 has proven its worth waiting for photographers. The following specifications make this camera worth possessing:

  • 36.3 million pixels with a sensor densely populated to shoot that perfect moment with all the specifications
  • Packed with the EXPEED 3 processor for that fastest well prepared click and other processing
  • D800 comes with MULTI CAM 3500 FX auto focus. This offers the user 51 points for autofocus
  • Ideal for shooting in low light situations and where there is intolerable image noise
  • This camera can shoot up to  ISO 25,600 with a capability of shooting focus down to -2 EV
  • The D800 is designed with dual axis Virtual Horizon, a better model compared to the single axis
  • It comes with a capacity of 15.3 MP DX format for capturing your best moments as compared to the standard 5 MP
  • This camera comes with an expandable ISO from ISO 100-6400 to ISO 25,600
  • The video recording is excellent. With the 1080p video with a recording duration of 30, 25 or 24 frames per second. These frames can be further improvised to a HDMI output
  • To suit the needs of wildlife photographers, the D800 is loaded with 11AF points that are capable of functioning at f/8.
  • Excellent storage capacity with dual memory slots
  • The shutter of the camera has been proven to around 200,000 cycles.
  • One of the limitations that this camera poses is that the battery life has a reduced 850 shots when compared to the earlier D700 model.
  • The above battery life is flash dependant.
  • D800 comes with a wide LCD display with 3.2 inches with 921,000 dot

This camera has been one of Nikon’s best advancements in the world of photography. Compared to all the previous makes, the D800 makes a class in itself to suit every photographer who is passionate about photography. For all users, starting from the beginner to the experienced professional, the D800 will commensurate your passion for photography and lives up to buyer’s expectations.