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Earn Yourself a Professional Accreditation - The National Council for the Training of Journalists

With the advancement of the media industry over the last few decades and the evolution which has happened in various forms, professional training for the journalist has become very important. It is not only to create a pool of journalists but to create a talented pool of professionally qualified journalists. With this in mind, the media industry in the United Kingdom established the National Council for the Training of Journalists way back in 1951.  This organisation was entrusted with the prime responsibility to oversee and supervise all the training requirements and happenings of the journalists. The main objective was to create a talent pool readily available for the ever evolving world of the print and broadcast media.

The Purpose for NCTJ

The National Council for the Training of Journalists was set up with the following purposes in mind:

  • The council is a commercial organisation offering courses and accreditations henceforth for aspiring journalists in the United Kingdom and across the world.
  • The courses are all market aligned and cater to all requirements for the world of journalism.
  • To obtain the accreditation, one has to clear of the preliminary exams held by the council.
  • The tests can be taken before working as a journalist or shortly after you have started working in a similar capacity.
  • Once completed, you get the accreditation from the council and can commence work as a completely qualified journalist ready for the newspaper industry.
  • The council also offers periodic refresher courses for the journalists to hone their skills and make them aware of the new and global trends in the world of print and broadcast media.
  • The council also offers courses on public relations, courses on film and television, marketing and publishing.
  • On successful completion of the course, one obtains the membership and the prestigious level 3 award and gives a new journalist the required motivation.

Offerings ­- Trainings ­and Diploma Courses

The council offers various other professional and certification courses. These courses have been designed keeping the fast changing media industry in mind. The following fields will open after you have received the accreditation –

  • Broadcast
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Photography
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sub Editing

The council offers a host of courses through regular and distance learning modes. Nationals from across the globe can undergo the admission procedure and enrol themselves for the world class and recognised courses in the field of media.

The distance learning mode offers a Diploma in Journalism, where five important skills of journalism are covered as a part of the content. Moreover, the students have to choose any two of the following

  • Media Law Court Reporting
  • Sports Journalism
  • Production Journalism
  • Business Magazines

Courses are also available for the press photographers and the photojournalists, one would have to carefully choose the courses which are most suited to one’s own interests.

Getting the accreditation as a Journalist, after completing the training offered by the council, the Diploma in Journalism will pave the way and is sure to give you a start up boost in the world of journalism.