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Prince Harry Naked Images

Prince Harry Naked Pictures comment.
Prince Harry and the Naked Pictures ! Only in America

I'm a street photographer, I love candid images but this is really not the same thing. I'd love to get the photographer who took these by the balls. And I will give my reasons for this. This is not art or news or even interesting what it is, is a gross act of invasion of a guys privacy. It is abuse of him as a person not as a Royal. It is an an act of sheer rudeness and lack of decency on all levels and is despicable. In my mind celebrities and interesting people in the street are fair game, celebs can't whinge when being shot by a pap, the hypocrisy of spending years and years shouting "look at me look at me" from every rafter in their early careers then reverting to "don't dare look at me" once they have "made it" does not take any one with an intellect greater than Omar Simpson to work out. Its the impact that this kind of abuse of a person driven by the greed and stupidity of the photographers doing

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Right to shoot

UK Photographers Rights Guide v2

 UK Photographers Rights

It’s been over four years since we published version one of the UK photographers rights guide. 

This is intended to provide a short UK guide to the main legal restrictions on the right to take photographs and the right to publish photographs that have been taken.

The guide was written by Linda Macpherson LL.B, Dip. L.P., LL.M  is a freelance legal consultant specialising in Media Law and Intellectual Property Law. She is also a part-time law lecturer and has presented seminars on law for photographers.

The guide is a 2 page PDF, it will print out front and back of an A4 page allowing you to make leaflets to hand out. The guide is intended as an overview of the current legal situation in the UK for photographers, it is not a definitive bible of UK law.



By downloading this guide you accept the fact that neither Linda Macpherson or Simon Moran accept any responsibility at all for any omissions or errors whatsoever. There is a

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Street Photography in England

My Favourite Famous Photographers

Henri Cartier Bresson Henri Cartier Bresson - Probably the best-known photographer of all time and one that has inspired many over the years. His candid photography, covering many of the peoples of the world, provides a valuable source of information about the lives of everyday individuals during the middle of the 20th century.

His belief that in every scene there is a decisive moment when all aspects of the event come together to tell its story perfectly, led to some memorable and charismatic images. (video of his work included on page)

Robert Frank Robert Frank - Famous for depicting cultural issues in society through the use of candid street photography. His work The Americans placed him firmly as a photographer willing to show life as it really was.

His ability to see the mundane aspects of everyday life as a fascinating insight into the lives of normal people helped to highlight cultural issues of the time. (video of some of "The Americans" photographs included on page)

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Nature of Street Photography

The Nature of Street Photography

Street photography  to me is a type of documentary photography that features people in candid situations,  candid images  or as Markus Hartel says “ as candid as it can be “ taken in public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other settings. They are inherently voyeuristic

Street photography  teaches  students of photography  advanced cameras skills,  composition  skills like working in available light, and is  invaluable to students of photography. Street photography uses the techniques of straight photography  and photojournalism in that it shows a pure vision of something, like holding up a mirror to society.  No Photoshop here. Street photography often tends to be ironic and can be distanced from its subject matter, and often concentrates on a single human moment,  or as Henri Cartier Bresson said  decisive moment  photography  people caught  at a decisive or poignant moment.


On the other hand, much street photography takes the opposite approach and provides a very literal and extremely personal rendering of the subject matter, giving the audience a more visceral experience of walks of life they might only be sub consciously  familiar with. In

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Earn Yourself a Professional Accreditation - The National Council for the Training of Journalists

With the advancement of the media industry over the last few decades and the evolution which has happened in various forms, professional training for the journalist has become very important. It is not only to create a pool of journalists but to create a talented pool of professionally qualified journalists. With this in mind, the media industry in the United Kingdom established the National Council for the Training of Journalists way back in 1951.  This organisation was entrusted with the prime responsibility to oversee and supervise all the training requirements and happenings of the journalists. The main objective was to create a talent pool readily available for the ever evolving world of the print and broadcast media.

The Purpose for NCTJ

The National Council for the Training of Journalists was set up with the following purposes in mind:

  • The council is a commercial organisation offering courses and accreditations henceforth for aspiring journalists in the United Kingdom and across the world.
  • The courses are all market aligned and cater to all requirements for the world of journalism.
  • To obtain the accreditation, one has to clear of the preliminary exams held by the council.

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What Is Your Area of Interest - Photojournalist or a Photographer

We generally choose our profession on the lines of our education. Rarely are we able to do what we want to do. But there are many people who are lucky enough to get to pursue their passion. Many people love photography but you will find that very few people take it up as a profession. Being a Photojournalist and a Photographer are two different things; two different lines of interest which can be pursued as a career. One has to be very clear about his own aspirations to understand the differences before making a choice.

What is Photojournalism?

Photo journalism is a form of journalism where you tell a story with a series of images. Earlier the concept hovered around still images, but nowadays with the invention of broadcast journalism, videos are also a part of photojournalism. People who undertake photo journalism as a profession are called photojournalists. Being a photojournalist, you will have to first comply with the ethics of journalism where truth plays a major role with no chances of hypocrisy.

News media requires that images of photojournalists should have the following

  • They should have a Timeline;  recent images related to recent

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Nikon D800 Camera - The Most Awaited DSLR from Nikon

Nikon cameras have created a niche for themselves. This has not happened in the space of a year, but has taken several years of dedicated customer reviews and research to come up with the D800, the best DSLR camera in its class. For all photography lovers, Nikon has always carved out the niche product to suit the ever rising needs and demands of photographers. It has always given its best to users after years of advanced research and development. The D800 comes with the class and specification of a world class camera.

The Overview

The photographers’ world had been waiting for the D800 with immense eagerness for more than a year when finally Nikon released this world class product in February 2012. After many hindrances that Nikon faced in production units in Japan and Thailand, this world class camera is finally available for photography lovers. This camera has been compared in terms of specification and performance with earlier makes of Nikon like the D700, D3, the Nikon D4 and D3S. Also cameras of other makes stood to compare with the Nikon D800.

The Specifications

The Nikon D800 has proven its worth waiting for photographers. The

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Street Photography A Passion worth Living

One’s passion is very close to one’s heart. People these days live their passion and at times it becomes their profession too. Photography is taken up by many individuals as a passion they want to live up to. There are amateurs in this field and novices too who have learnt and mastered their hands and minds towards photography. Street Photography is also termed as a kind of documentary photography. One can take photos in many public places such as alleys, shopping malls, roads, streets, meeting places, beaches etc. Whilst engaging in this activity, one has to be very cautious that it does not offend public interest or invade one’s privacy.

History of Street Photography

Dating back to late 19th century, street photography became very popular across the world owing to inventions of cameras which could be easily handled and carried. These cameras were primarily the 35mm but cameras with rangefinders were also very popular and street photography took a different genre of its kind.

Photographers, who pursue street photography say that this class of photography is very ironic as it shows a mirror to society, something in its virgin form with no edits and focuses. They

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